IDCAP Crypto Asset Certification


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The industry is growing at a breakneck speed. Whether you are a

  • professional in traditional financial services moving into crypto assets, or a
  • professional in crypto asset financial services facing compliance and regulation:

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Companies, protocols and projects

Signal professionalism, competence and compliance by making sure your professionals are IDCAP certified!

The breakneck growth of the industry offers great opportunities, but is also a burden as the sums involved become big, and regulators focus their attention. Whether you are a

  • company in traditional financial services that must show that your professional deeply understand the challenges of crypto assets, or a
  • crypto asset company or protocol that must show compliance with all rules and regulations in financial services:

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Universities and training providers

Use and contribute to the IDCAP crypto curriculum by becoming a content partner

The demand for robust training and education for crypto asset professionals growth in line with the industry, at a breakneck speed. Whether you are a

  • university that is offering crypto asset education as part of their programme and wants to become part of IDCAP’s network and shape the industry core curriculum, or you are a
  • university that does not offer crypto asset education but wants their students to have privileged access to the industry’s core curriculum and certification, or a
  • training provider who would like to independently or with our help prepare students for the IDCAP certification:

Become in IDCAP content partner and contribute to the core curriculum for professionals in the crypto asset industry – or just, with our active support, offer IDCAP certification to your students and clients!

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