Why IDCAP Professional Certification is Important.

IDCAP Crypto Asset Professional Certification

Crypto asset markets have entered an unprecedented growth phase, driven by crypto native companies moving into the provision of regulated financial services on the one side, and traditional financial services companies expanding into crypto asset markets on the other side. As the industry is growing, it experiences a shortage of professionals that are equally at home at both worlds, severely restricting its growth potential.

The IDCAP Crypto Asset Professional Certification Programme addresses this point by providing structured certification, and training if needed, for crypto asset professional in all functions and at all levels of responsibility.

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What it Means to be an IDCAP Certified Professional

IDCAP Certified Professionals have passed a challenging professional exam, and demonstrated mastery of their specific field of expertise, at the level required.

IDCAP Certified Professionals keep their expertise up to date by following a targeted continuous development programme after they have passed the exam. They are also in good professional standing, and have pledged to abide by IDCAP’s code of professional conduct (in development).

The IDCAP Certification Offering

  • IDCAP Level 1 – Proficient
  • IDCAP Level 2 – Advanced
  • IDCAP Level 3 – Expert

IDCAP’s core offering to the crypto asset community is a structured certification programme, covering all important functional areas at all levels.

The certification syllabi and blueprints are validated with the crypto asset community via IDCAP’s Advisory Panel and Board. The certification is administered by PearsonVUE, a leader in the field of professional examination, with over 5000 test centres world-wide.

IDCAP exam preparation and training is offered by IDCAP and IDCAP’s partners. It is not mandatory to take part in a training programme to become IDCAP certified; passing the examination is sufficient.

IDCAP Certified Professionals maintain their IDCAP membership in good standing, ensuring they remain in touch with the latest developments of the market.

Level 1

  • “Entry level” certification and minimum requirement for crypto asset professionals

  • Typical course duration 6 weeks, with a total of 60-100 hours of study depending on knowledge level

  • Core-curriculum only; covers blockchain, tokens and compliance fundamentals as well as overview over the ecosystem

  • No concentrations or specialisations

Level 2

  • Certification level suitable for most professionals

  • Typical course duration 12 weeks, total of 100-150 hours

  • Core curriculum (40%) and concentrations (60%)

  • Concentrations offered are Business and Compliance, Technology and Audit, Crypto Asset Investment Analysis and NFTs

Level 3

  • Highest certification level for “ninja”-level professionals

  • Typical course duration similar to level 2, but can depend on specialisation

  • Typical course duration similar to level 2, but can depend on specialisation

  • Specialisations are focused on specific areas of expertise within the concentrations, eg “chain analysis and forensics”

IDCAP certified professionals follow a continuous professional development programme, ensuring they remain current in their professional knowledge. They also adhere to a professional code of conduct.

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