IDCAP is partnering with PearsonVUE, the global leader in the administration of rigorous testing for professional certifications, for delivering the exam in one of PearsonVUE’s about 5000 test centres world-wide. To ensure maximum integrity and reliability, the exam is only delivered in person, there is no online option. The exam centres operate a very strict test-taking protocol, so please make sure you are prepared by reading this section carefully. Non-compliance with the protocol requirements can lead to you missing and/or not passing the certification exam.

Registration, scheduling and modifications


Individuals must first register for the IDCAP exam – and optionally the exam preparation course – on or by contacting the support team at idcapsupport@ Companies wanting to purchase multiple seats should contact the IDCAP corporate coverage team at corporate or [email protected].

After registration, both individuals and companies will receive an email with further instructions how to register for the exam. If you do not receive this email, please contact your sales or coverage person, or the IDCAP help desk at or via email to [email protected].


IDCAP exams can be scheduled via the PearsonVUE call center or the PearsonVUE website. For scheduling exams via the call center there is a US$20 charge collected by PearsonVUE when scheduling. Scheduling exams via the web site is free, and the call centers will answer questions for assisting with online scheduling free of charge.

Pearson VUE Demo

If you would like a preview of the Pearson VUE computer-based testing platform, go to to launch the demo. It includes information about question types and the user interface so that you can become familiar with it prior to taking your exam.

Rescheduling and cancellation

You can cancel or reschedule your exam on the web up to 72 hours before the exam at no charge. You can also reschedule or cancel via the PearsonVUE call center up to 72 hours before the exam for a fee of US$20.

If you cancel or reschedule an exam within 24 to 72 hours of your scheduled time, there will be a fee of US$100 collected by Pearson VUE. If you cancel your exam within 24 hours or do not show up for your scheduled exam, you will need to contact IDCAP and you will be charged for a new authorization (€149).

If you cancel an exam without rescheduling, you can go through the scheduling process again at a later date. You can not usually get your registration fee refunded. However, in depending on your specific circumstances IDCAP may be able to make an exception. In this case, please contact the IDCAP help desk at or via email at [email protected].

Summary of charges

The following table shows a summary of the different charges mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. In case of discrepancies the charges in the table below are deemed to be correct.

Scheduling, rescheduling or cancellation via PVUE website

>72h: free
24-72h: US$100
<24h: nor possible

Scheduling, rescheduling or cancellation via phone

>72h: US$20
24-72h: US$120
<24h: nor possible

Phone assistance for using the PVUE website

Free at any time





Examination Day

Arrival time

Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in. Candidates who arrive later than that may not be allowed to test, or may have less time to complete the test.

Two forms of identification

You must bring with you two forms of current and valid government-issued identification bearing a photograph and a signature. The name on the identification must match the name used for registration.

Identification requirements

The first and last name the candidate uses to register must exactly match the first and last name on IDs that are presented on test day.

When you get your scheduling confirmation please ensure that the first and last names on the confirmation email match the first and last name on both your ID documents. If this is not the case, please contact our help desk at or [email protected].

All IDs required must be issued by the country/ region in which the candidate is testing. If the candidate does not have a qualifying primary ID issued from the country/region they are testing in, an international travel passport from their country/region of citizenship is required, along with a secondary ID.

The candidate is required to present two forms of original (no photo copies or digital IDs), valid (unexpired) IDs; one form as a primary ID (government issued with name, recent recognizable photo, and signature) and one form as a secondary ID (with at least a name and signature, or name and recent recognizable photo).

Additional ID allowances

Expired forms of ID are only acceptable if they are accompanied by valid renewal papers. If a government issued ID is missing a visible signature (or has an embedded signature), the candidate is allowed to test as long as the other requirements for primary and secondary IDs are met.

For candidates testing in Japan, please see this link for Japan ID policy.

Candidate exceptions to the ID policy are possible in specific cases, but must be preapproved by the Pearson VUE customer service center at least 3 business days before the scheduled exam appointment. If you have any questions about the ID requirement, please contact Pearson VUE customer service at

Examination integrity

PearsonVUE has strict security measures in place ensure the integrity of the examination. These security measures include:

Proctors – There will be examination proctors present before, during, and after the examination to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed.

Video Cameras – There are video cameras surrounding the examination site of every testing center to ensure that no assistance is given during the examination.

Audio − There is a live audio recording of each examination session to ensure that no assistance is given during the examination. The examination performance of all candidates is monitored and may be analyzed statistically for purposes of detecting and verifying any form of cheating.

If it is determined that a score has questionable validity, after appropriate review, the score will be marked as invalid, and the candidate may be barred from retesting indefinitely or for a period as determined by IDCAP.


Candidates are advised that they cannot disclose exam materials, including questions or answers. This includes discussing the content of the exam with anyone; recording, copying, or disclosing any exam question or answers, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, in any form or by any means whatsoever, including “chat rooms”, message boards, forums, etc.

Examination procedures

You will have two hours to complete the exam. This time includes ancillary tasks like accepting terms and conditions and potentially going through additional explanations, so the effective time for answering exam question may be shorter. Additional time will not be allowed. There are no scheduled breaks. Candidates must have the permission of the proctor to leave the testing room.

No questions concerning the content of the exam may be asked during the testing period. It is the responsibility of each candidate to read the directions given on the computer and listen carefully to the instructions given by the proctor.

The proctor reserves the right to dismiss a candidate from the examination for any of the following reasons:

  1. If a candidate’s admission to the exam is unauthorised.
  2. If a candidate creates a disturbance, is abusive or is otherwise uncooperative.
  3. If a candidate gives or receives help or is suspected of doing so.
  4. If a candidate attempts to remove examination materials or notes from the testing room.
  5. If a candidate is discovered in possession of an electronic communication or recording device.

Items not permitted

The following items are not permitted in the testing area:

  • Personal items and electronics, including but not limited to mobile phones, hand-held computers, personal digital assistants or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, coats, jackets, eyeglass cases, pens, or pencils
  • Barrettes or hair clips that are more than 1/4 inch (1/2 centimeter) wide and headbands or hairbands that are more than 1/2 inch (1 centimeter) wide.
  • Jewelllery that is removable and more than 1/4 inch (1/2 centimeter) wide.
  • Books and/or notes unless specifically authorised by IDCAP for your use during the exam.
  • You must store all personal items in a secure area as indicated by the test administrator or return them to your vehicle. If you refuse to store your personal items, you will be unable to test, and you will lose your test fee. All electronic devices must be turned off before storing them in the designated secure area.

Results and confidentiality

Candidates will receive their exam results (pass or fail) immediately at the conclusion of the test. Results will not be given over the telephone, by facsimile, or electronic mail.

Contrary to the above, the results of the genesis cohort exams will not be immediately available, but only be after a cut-score analysis has been performed. IDCAP will be in contact with the candidates for details.

When an organization pays for an individual’s examination, the organization may request IDCAP to release the result to the organization. If a candidate does not want this information to be released to the organization, then the candidate must notify IDCAP in writing.

Post Exam

Scheduling a re-take

Candidates who have failed their exam can schedule a re-take. Scheduling a re-take requires a new authorisation which is charged at €149. Please contact the IDCAP help desk at or via email at [email protected].


IDCAP provides an appeal mechanism for challenging denial of admission to the exam or revocation of the certification. It is the responsibility of the individual to initiate the appeals process by written request to IDCAP within 30 days of the circumstance leading to the appeal. The request can be lodged at at or idcaphelp@decentralized. com. Failure of the exam alone does not constitute grounds for a review and appeal.

Data and Privacy Policies

To read through Pearson Vue’s data and privacy policies please visit

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