C.A.TS pre-launch episode: The Luna restructuring

We are still putting the final touches on our “Crypto Assets Talks” (short: “C.A.TS” podcast that will launch with a series on stable coins which in our view are one of the most essential parts of the crypto-assets ecosystem. Of course, stable coins also have been in the news quite regularly lately due to the unfortunate events around Terra Luna and UST so we will discuss Terra.

Whilst we were getting ready to prepare our first cycle of podcasts with Mikko Ohtamaa, Co-Founder at tradingstrategy.ai, Luna dropped their “Luna 2.0” restructuring proposal [1,2; also 3,4] and we decided that it would be a shame to miss that one because operationally we are not quite there yet. So as a teaser here is our audio-only episode discussing the Luna 2.0 proposal!